Assisting Technology Transfer Offices with their IP needs

Technology Transfer professionals are an essential part of the innovation cycle.  Such professionals engage in many complex and time intensive tasks such as evaluating invention disclosures for commercial opportunity and the possibility of seeking Intellectual Property (IP) protection, deciding whether to file patents or other forms of IP on behalf of institutions, negotiating licence agreements, or setting up spin-out companies. 

The process to obtain IP rights can be complex and difficult to navigate, and decisions that are made at an early stage can strongly affect the ultimate outcomes.  As one of the largest specialist IP firms in Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region, attorneys at Spruson & Ferguson have a strong track record of assisting Technology Transfer professionals to obtain IP rights.

To assist Technology Transfer / Commercialisation Offices and Research Institutes, this page aims to provide information and resources for the protection of IP developed at academic institutions and publicly funded research organisations. 

Spruson & Ferguson is the largest IP firm in Australia and New Zealand.  Our attorneys have experience in a vast array of technologies, allowing us to quickly and thoroughly understand the areas in which our clients have IP interests. To find an attorney with specific expertise, follow this link.

Many of our attorneys work closely with Technology Transfer professionals, and we have a strong track record of protecting IP embodied in real world products and services.  By way of example, we regularly assist Australian Universities and Research Institutes by reviewing invention disclosures; providing patentability assessments (including prior art search and review); patent drafting and prosecution; portfolio reviews; strategic planning, invention harvesting sessions; etc.

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