The majority of our professional team have real-world experience across science, engineering, legal, defence, telecommunications, ICT, electronics, computing and finance. With a strong working knowledge of the markets and the industries in which our clients operate, they are able to provide more than just advice and insights on the legal aspects of IP.

Countries Serviced

With offices in Australia, China (Beijing and Hong Kong), Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. With a staff of over 480, Spruson & Ferguson is one of the only specialist intellectual property firms providing intellectual property services across the Asia-Pacific. Each country serviced by Spruson & Ferguson is governed by a unique set of intellectual property laws, and in some cases, may have few to no laws in relation to intellectual property. Our specialist teams are highly familiar with the local IP laws of each country we service and are able to assist clients with IP protection, management and enforcement within each jurisdiction.

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