Earth Day 2022.  Tropical Carbon – Hyper Carbon-Dense Forests


Today 22 April 2022 is Earth Day and we at Spruson & Ferguson would like to highlight one of the many clients we work with who are working to build a greener and more renewable future.

We have worked with Tropical Carbon for many years on their Hyper Carbon-Dense Forests invention.  This invention provides a support structure and a method for growing trees at a far higher density than is the currently accepted maximum, to thereby create a hyper carbon-dense forest.  This type of forest is capable of storing around 10 times more carbon dioxide than the world’s most carbon dense forests.  An illustration of such a forest is provided below.

Using this technology it may be possible to sequester around 300 times more carbon in less than 10% of the time, when compared to growing a “normal” forest (i.e. 10 years for a hyper carbon-dense forest versus 250 years for a “normal” forest).

Using similar technology it is also possible to grow usable structures made from living trees, for example living bridges to cross waterways, roads and the like.

We at Spruson & Ferguson are very pleased to support companies and organisations like Tropical Carbon, who are working on innovations that aim to build a cleaner, greener future for us all.

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