Clevacover – Mumpreneur success


“Mumpreneurs”, or mum entrepreneurs who have started their own business, are redefining the way many women work today.

Fiona Hargrave, the inventor of Clevacover, is the mumpreneur template. Since inventing the original Clevacover over 10 years ago, Hargrave now works full time in her thriving small business that has weathered the storm of time.

How a Great Idea takes Shape

Like many of us, Hargrave perceived that the clothes hanging on her clothesline were suffering from rain wetting, fallout from birds and bats, as well as damage caused by the harsh Queensland sun.

Unlike most of us, Hargrave did something about it and Clevacover was the result.

A Simple yet Effective Solution

Clevacover now eliminates the need to rush home at the threat of an impending rain shower.  Conveniently, Clevacover also remains affixed to the wall-mounted clothesline in both an up or down position.

The simplicity of Clevacover in assembly and construction has been a key ingredient in its success. It was the first product of its kind and is now distributed nationally in significant volumes.

Originally developed for covering wall-mounted clotheslines, Clevacover has now been expanded to also cover rotary clotheslines.

The Message

The success of Clevacover has brought with it others seeking to copy the idea including a previous distributor of the product itself.  Patents have enabled Hargrave to maintain a monopoly in the market. Clevacover maintains its position as the undisputed market leader with years of protection still to come until the patents expire.

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