Xiangtong Xu

Dr. Xiangtong Xu

Patent Attorney
Pat SF, Patents: Engineering & ICT
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Dr. Xiangtong Xu focuses on patent prosecution and IP-related consulting services in China and the US. His prosecution practice covers a wide range of technical subjects, including semiconductor devices, acoustic devices, optical devices, medical devices, MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems), digital signal processing, computer science and telecommunication.

Dr. Xu entered the IP field in 2003 and has extensive experience with the patent examination practice of the SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office).

Prior to joining the IP profession, Xu held research roles for 10 years at the Geophysics Institute, State Seismological Bureau. This research experience enables Dr. Xu to thoroughly and quickly understand his clients’ inventions and the IP protection required.

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