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Dr. Lin Zhuo

Pat SF, Patents: Engineering & ICT
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Dr. Lin Zhuo focuses on patent prosecution and dispute resolution work in Greater China. Dr. Zhuo has worked with a range of companies, from international corporate brands through to startup high-tech enterprises.

His prosecution practice has covered a wide range of technical subjects, including medical devices, wind turbines, internet auctions, gaming machines, spam filtering, search engines, artificial sports playing fields, semiconductor devices, speakers, image processing system, signal processing system, consumer products (such as printers, cameras), fuel cells, electroless plating, lifting aircraft, etc.

Dr. Zhuo has broad experience in dispute resolution, including litigation (administrative cases and civil cases), negotiation, and infringement settlement.

In addition to his prosecution and dispute resolution experience, Dr. Zhuo also provides assistance on other IP related services, such as licensing, transactions, patent watch, FTO search, patent portfolio and strategy analysis.

Dr. Zhuo has previously worked at the China Trademark & Patent Office as a Patent Attorney and Attorney at Law and as a Patent Attorney and Attorney at Law for one of China’s largest intellectual property firms.

Dr. Zhuo also gained experience as a Patent Agent and Student Associate at a large IP firm in Washington D.C.

In addition, Dr. Zhuo acted as an IP associate at Yale University when he pursued his PhD degree at Yale from 1999 to 2006.

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