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Patents: Chemical & Life Science
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Marie completed a bachelor degree specialising in genetics at the University of New South Wales in 2011, graduating with first class honours and a University Medal. She was awarded a PhD for her research into the effect of genetic variation at the immunoglobulin gene loci on biases in the generation of the human primary antibody repertoire. Apart from her strong background in antibody research, Marie has experience in bioinformatics, high-throughput sequencing, and a range of analytical techniques including fluorescence-activated cell sorting, RT-qPCR, SDS-PAGE, liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. Marie’s work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals and she has presented at a number of local and international conferences. She also has experience designing and teaching courses at the University of New South Wales in Biotechnology, Immunology, Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and in the Medicine program.

Since joining Spruson & Ferguson, Marie has prosecuted over 100 Australian and New Zealand patent applications, primarily in the fields of biotechnology, immunology, molecular biology, microbiology and pharmaceuticals. She has drafted patent applications for techniques for protein analysis, neuronal stimulation, transgenic plants and electrochemical biosensors.

Marie is currently studying to become a registered Australian and New Zealand Patent Attorney and an Australian Trade Mark Attorney.

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