Dr. Doug Horton

Doug Horton

IP Qualifications

Registered Australian and New Zealand Patent Attorney
Registered Australian Trade Mark Attorney

Academic Qualifications

QualificationInstitutionYear of Completion
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)University of Queensland2005
Bachelor of Applied Science in Drug Design and Development (Hons I, University Medal)University of Queensland2000

Industry Experience

PositionOrganisation/InstitutionDate of Tenure
Director, Intellectual Property ManagementUniQuest2019-2020
Senior Project OfficerOffice of the Queensland Chief Scientist (Queensland Government)2005-2006
Commercial Intelligence AnalystIMBcom1999-2001


Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA)Fellow
Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)Member and Chartered Chemist
Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (IPSANZ)Member
Licensing Executives Society Australia and New Zealand (LESANZ)Member
Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA)Member
AusBiotechCorporate Member

Selected Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Specifications

PCT Publication NumberTitle of Application
WO2018/107244Composition and uses thereof
WO2018/014081Improved Process
WO2015/176137Electrochemical Treatment Methods
WO2015/176136Electrochemical Liquid Treatment Apparatus
WO2015/089543Plant-Protecting RNAi Compositions Comprising Plant-Protecting Double-Stranded RNA Adsorbed onto Layered Double Hydroxide Particles
WO2014/146173Assessment Method
WO2014/063181Surgical System

Selected Publications - Scientific

Patent Publications
Horton D. A., Bourne G. T., Coughlan J., Kaiser S. M., Jacobs C. M., Jones A., Rühmann A., Turner J. Y., Smythe M. L., Cyclic tetrapeptides via the ring contraction strategy: chemical techniques useful for their identification. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (2008), 6(8), 1386-95
Horton, D. A., Severinsen, R., Kofod-Hansen, M., Bourne, G. T., Smythe, M. L., A Versatile Synthetic Approach to Peptidyl Privileged Structures using a ‘Safety-Catch’ Linker, Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry (2005), 7, 421-435.
Horton, D. A., Bourne, G. T. and Smythe, M. L., The Combinatorial Synthesis of Bicyclic Privileged Structures or Privileged Substructures. Chemical Reviews (2003), 103, 893-930
Horton, D. A., Bourne, G. T. and Smythe, M. L., Exploring Privileged Structures: The Combinatorial Synthesis of Cyclic Peptides. Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design (2002), 16, 415-431
Experience and Technical Background

Experience in the following areas of patent practice (over 10 years):

  • Patent Drafting
  • Strategic Advice
  • Local & Foreign Patent Prosecution
  •  Patentability Advice
  •  Validity & Infringement Advice

Primary patent practice areas by technology:

  • Organic, pharmaceutical & electrochemistry
  • Water purification technologies
  •  Agricultural chemistry
  •  Nanotechnology
  •  Medical devices
  •  Biochemistry

Research/industry background:

A. General technical areas:

  •  Organic chemistry
  • Protein & peptide chemistry
  • Medicinal and synthetic chemistry
  • Pharmacology


B. Honours research:

  • Research in the area of peptide chemistry and pharmacology.
  • Developed a pharmacophore for a conotoxin by synthesising
    conotoxin analogues and assaying their biological activity.

C. PhD research:

  •  Involved analyzing, assessing and developing the concept of
    privileged substructures (molecular frameworks able to provide
    ligands for diverse receptors).
  • Involved synthesis of small cyclic peptides using a ring
    contraction auxiliary, synthesis of peptide analogues using
    a solid phase linker, use of a multi-component palladium
    catalyzed cascade reaction (at University of Leeds), virtual
    screening of virtual libraries to identify new privileged
    substructures, development and synthesis of an organic chiral
    asymmetric framework.

D. Industry experience:

  •  Analysis, advice and reporting on strategic issues relating to
    science, research and innovation in Queensland and Australia.
  •  Research & analysis supporting commercialization activities.

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