Alejandro Vidal

Patent Engineer
Patents: Engineering & ICT
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Alejandro has completed a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Universidad de Chile (Santiago, Chile) as well as a Mechanical Engineering Professional Degree at the same university. His undergraduate studies focussed on heat transfer, materials science and Finite Element Analysis. He has applied this knowledge while working for the petrochemical industry as a piping stress engineer. 

Alejandro also has a Master of Engineering with Honours from the Australian National University, where he studied renewable energy technologies and deepened his expertise in materials science by researching materials for the production of synthetic fuels via solar-driven thermochemical cycles. 

Prior to joining the firm, Alejandro worked for more than 4 years as a patent examiner for the Chilean Patent Office. While working as an examiner, Alejandro developed a keen understanding of the underlying principles of the patent system, which he complements with his industry and research experience.

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