Dr. Adelia Lin

Adelia Lin

IP Qualifications

Registered Singapore Patent Attorney

Academic Qualifications

Qualification Institution Year of Completion
Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property LawNational University of Singapore2013
Graduate Certificate in Research Commercialisation Monash University2009
Doctor of PhilosophyMonash University2009
Bachelor of Molecular Biology (Hons I)University of Western Australia2004

Industry Experience

PositionOrganisation/InstitutionDate of Tenure
Postdoctoral Research FellowAgency for Science, Technology and Research 2011
Postdoctoral Research FellowCSIRO2009 - 2010


Association for Singapore Patent AttorneysMember

Selected Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Specifications

PCT Publication NumberTitle of Application
WO 2017/180065 Rapid method of generating live attenuated vaccines
WO 2017/058115 Pd-1 antibodies and uses thereof
WO 2016/186577 A contractile cellular construct for cell culture
WO 2017/142485 Cancer epigenetic profiling
WO 2017/200493 Anti-axl tyrosine kinase receptor antibodies and uses thereof
WO 2015/142293 Fusion genes in cancer
WO 2016/163958 Generation of functional cells from stem cells
WO 2016/032404 A test strip for paper-based assay

Selected Publications – industry/IP Specific

Lin, SA, Barker N (2011) Gastrointestinal stem cells in self-renewal and cancer, J Gastroenterology, 46, 1039-55.
Lin SA, Kolle G, Grimmond SN, Zhou Q, Doust E, Little MH, Aronow B, Ricardo SD, Pera MF, Bertram JF, Laslett AL (2010) Subfractionation of differentiating hES cell populations allows the isolation of a mesodermal population enriched for intermediate mesoderm and putative renal progenitors, Ste, Cells Dev, 19, 1637-48.
Laslett AL, Grimmond S, Gardiner B, Stamp L, Lin A, Hawes SM, Wormald S, Nikolic-Paterson D, Haylock D & Pera MF (2007) Transcriptional analysis of early lineage commitment in human embryonic stem cells, BMC Dev Biol, 7, 12-29.
Laslett AL, Lin A, & Pera MF (2007) Characterization and differentiation of human embryonic stem cells, in Masters JR, Palsson BO & Thomson JA (eds), Embryonic Stem Cells, Springer, The Netherlands, pp. 27-40.
Experience and Technical Background

Experienced in the following areas of patent practice:

  • Patent Drafting
  • Patent Prosecution in South East Asia
  • Freedom to Operate Searches and Opinions
  • Prior Art Searches
  • Patentability Advice
  • Strategic Advice

Primary patent practice areas by technology:

  • Biotechnology
  • Stem Cells
  • Immunology
  • Diagnostics
  • Molecular Biology

Research/industry background:

A. General technical areas:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Stem cells
  • Immunology

B. Honours research:

  • Transcription regulation of lymphotoxin-β during oval-cell mediated liver regeneration

C. PhD research:

  • Derivation and characterization of renal precursor cells from human embryonic stem cells
  • Identification and validation of markers of mesoderm populations
  • Development and optimization of rare cell flow cytometry assays
  • Confocal microscopy and imaging of ex vivo kidney cultures

D. Postdoctoral research:

  • Development of commercially viable pluripotent report cell lines for analyses and beta-testing
  • Design and generation of reporter constructs for downstream targeting assays
  • Development and optimization of gastric stem cell isolation assays

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