Cleantech: IP’s role in building a sustainable future


What comes to mind when you think of the biggest innovators in Cleantech? Obvious examples are electric vehicles, solar batteries, green or turquoise hydrogen and improvements in heavy industrial processes like steel and cement, but this is only the beginning.

In the third episode of IPH’s From Idea to Intellectual Property podcast, Principal Dr Gareth Dixon and host Lisa Leong discuss the critical IP issues facing Cleantech.

Cleantech – essentially the art of addressing industrial or environmental problems in a sustainable manner, is a booming industry and bringing these technologies to the wider world is a complex jigsaw – a key piece of which is the ability to protect and leverage cleantech IP, and in particular, patents. 

In the latest episode of From Idea to Intellectual Property, Principal Dr Gareth Dixon discusses how patents can be used to “exploit” beneficial technologies related to cleantech, where the number of patents being applied for and granted is increasing exponentially. Finding the fastest route to commercialisation is a key talking point – providing a deeper dive into how to maximise the return on investment.

The podcast aims to explore what’s involved in turning an idea into a commercial reality. In the six-episode podcast series ABC Radio’s Lisa Leong will be joined by IP experts from across the IPH Group to discuss today’s big ideas and the IP considerations behind them.

For more insights on the importance of IP in turning ideas into commercial realities, be sure to follow From Idea to Intellectual Property; new episodes will be dropping fortnightly. Subscribe to receive updates on the latest episodes as they are released.

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