Celebrating 25 years in Asia


Welcome to our Spruson & Ferguson 25 years in Asia report.

Over the past quarter of a century, we have seen significant change and developments in both the Intellectual Property (IP) landscape and the markets in which we operate. To mark this milestone, we have combined our experience, insights, industry research and data to report on notable trends and influences on the future of IP in the region.

Across the Asia region, the IP profession has markedly matured over the past decades to become a thriving occupation of highly skilled patent professionals. In recent times, the markets have increasingly been, and will continue to be shaped by, the ‘ABCD of technology’, with artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud computing and data all driving innovation and transforming industry. This technology disruption, coupled with the increasing level of wealth in the Asia region, has been a significant contributor to the increase in filings over recent times.

We predict this momentum will only continue and are committed to being a part of that growth story through our ongoing investment in the region.

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