31 October, 2013

Australian Trade Mark Office Decisions Summary October 2013

Australian Trade Mark Office Decisions Summary October 2013

We have compiled a monthly summary of the most recent Australian Trade Marks Office decisions which provide practitioners and brand owners with a succinct, accessible database detailing current trends in Australian trade marks practice.

CorporativoInternacionalMexicano, S. De R.L. De C.V v Intercontinental
Great Brands LLC (formerly Kraft Foods Global brands LLC) [2013]
That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Opposition to design of an Oreo cookie fails to establish that the cookie will not function as a trade mark (sections 41 and 59).
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Russell Brands LLC v Christopher Russell [2013] ATMO 81

Trade mark for highly stylised RUSSELL & CO may be confused with RUSSELL ATHLETIC (section 60).
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DNA Products Aust Pty Ltd v Botany Essentials Pty Limited [2013]
Your reputation comes from DNA.

Successful opposition to a highly stylised, composite trade mark incorporating DNA, on the reputation within the plain word trade mark DNA (section 60).
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Mastronardi Produce Ltd [2013] ATMO 83 Sour outcome for grape tomatoes.

Application for coined phrase ZIMA denied registration as it has been marketed as a plant variety, not a brand (sections 41 and 43).
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Apple Inc. v Experienced apples Pty Ltd [2013] ATMO 84 Apples to apples comparison.

Apple Inc establish reputation in APPLE to successfully oppose APPLE trade mark (section 60).
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Rare Breed Distilling LLC v Lodestar Anstalt [2013] ATMO 85 WILD GEESE set free.

Long(ish) running dispute sees WILD GEESE trade marks removed for non-use, as owner did not exercise control over user (sections 92 and 101).
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Clinique Laboratories, LLC v Clinique La Prairie Franchising SA [2013]
The ‘cosmocuetical’ expansion

Clinique oppose registration of CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE for food supplements and mineral waters. Partially successful, application allowed for mineral waters (section 60).
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JLIP, LLC v Greg Weige as trustee for the Jetlev Trust. [2013] ATMO 88 JETLEV won’t fly with this Delegate.

Rare finding of bad faith, where applicant had previously been in negotiations concerning a licensing agreement with opponent regarding same mark (section 62A).
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Erdé SAS v Erdé Trailers Pty. Ltd, Anthony Brown and Godfrey Hill [2013]
You ERDE with your earlier use.

Applicant’s use of opponent’s trade mark helps establish prior use and successful opposition(section 58).
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Société Air France [2013] ATMO 90

Air France ‘stripe’ not sufficiently distinctive and its use only in combination AIR FRANCE Device mark (section 41).
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Beck Hansen v Brauerei Beck GmbH & Co KG [2013] ATMO 91 No ‘Sea Change’ as Beck keeps his trade mark.

Iconic musician Beck fends off non-use removal action against his BECK trade mark (section 92).
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