04 September, 2015

Australian Trade Mark Office Decisions Summary - July 2015

Australian Trade Mark Office Decisions Summary - July 2015

Each month we produce a summary of the Australian Trade Mark Office decisions to provide practitioners and brand owners with a succinct, accessible database detailing current trends in Australian trade marks practice.

Book, glasses, background.

My Brilliance Pty Ltd v Brilliance Publishing Inc [2015] ATMO 63 (2 July 2015)

Sounds Like a ‘BRILLIANCE’ Idea
BRILLIANCE AUDIO to proceed to registration in face of BRILLIANCE.
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Cup of tea with lemon and mint

TWG Tea Company Pte. Ltd v Tsit Wing International Company Limited [2015] ATMO 64 (3 July 2015)

Storm in a Tea Cup
Worldwide dispute makes it way to Australian shores with an opposition and a non-use.
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bolts and screw

Normet International Ltd [2015] ATMO 65 (8 July 2015)

D-BOLT and the Bolts
D-BOLT descriptive of bolts.
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Hipster on bike in the city at sunset

Health World Limited v Endura Ltd [2015] ATMO 66 (9 July 2015)

Taken for a Ride
Nutritional supplements not close enough to specialised cycling clothing.
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red bull image

Red Bull GmbH v Total Eden Pty Ltd [2015] ATMO 67 (20 July 2015)

Trade mark with bulls butting heads not too similar to Red Bull trade mark.
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looking at future city

McMullen Nolan Group Pty Ltd [2015] ATMO 68 (27 July 2015)

PNG, GIF and the lesser-used MNG
Real connection between meaning of trade mark and goods/services required to render trade mark descriptive.
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