Dr. Tim Fitzgerald

Associate / Patent Attorney Chemical / Life Sciences Team

Prior to joining the IP profession, Tim had a career as a research scientist, with an impressive track record of publications and patents to his name. Over ten years of cutting-edge research with CSIRO and Southern Cross University, Tim published widely on plant genomics, climate change and diversity, and biochemistry. A named inventor himself on patents for methods for improved crop performance, and for increasing fragrance production, Tim intimately understands intellectual property protection from a client’s point of view.

Tim spent 5 years as a Research Fellow at CSIRO, working in the vital field of fungal pathogen resistance in wheat. As well as his own publications and patents, Tim supervised PhD students conducting research in related fields. Tim previously completed a PhD in Plant Genetics and Biochemistry making a significant contribution to understanding of the role of both domestication and natural selection in influencing the success of staple crops and their wild relatives.

Tim understands the intellectual rigour and the dedication necessary to make new discoveries in the extremely complex fields of biochemistry and genetic research. He also understands the potentially global impact that new developments in Life Sciences can have and the importance of protecting these innovations with the same commitment that went into creating them.

With a particular focus on biotechnology, Tim assists clients with drafting, filing, and prosecution of applications, as well as freedom to operate and infringement analysis, oppositions and other Intellectual Property matters.

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) - Queensland University of Technology

  • Honours - Southern Cross University

  • PhD - Southern Cross University

  • Master of Intellectual Property - University of Technology Sydney

  • Registered Australian and New Zealand Patent Attorney

  • Registered Australian Trade Mark Attorney

  • International Association for Plant Biotechnology

  • Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Australia's Biotechnology Organisation (AusBiotech)

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