Patent Services

Spruson & Ferguson provides patent related services in all of the South Pacific Island countries across multiple industries and all fields of technologies where the local legislation provides for patent registration, protection and enforcement.


We offer the following patent services in the South Pacific:

  • Advice on the patentability of inventions
  • Filing and prosecution patent applications
  • Drafting patent specifications
  • Patent novelty and infringement searches
  • Patent watching and monitoring
  • Patent opposition proceedings
  • Patent renewals
  • Portfolio management
  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (via Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers)
  • Patent licensing and technology transfer (via Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers)


Our technology teams, including Chemical/Life Sciences, Mechanical, Electrical/Information & Communications Technologies and Designs, form a synergetic combination of expertise in one place for the benefit of clients with inventions in several technologies.


Patents Groups



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