Patent Drafting


Patent Drafting

Spruson & Ferguson (Australia) is renowned for its expertise in drafting patent applications in all technologies.

Some of the world’s largest multi-national corporations and research institutions with complex, multi-technology patent portfolios use our patent drafting services. Patent specifications drafted by Spruson & Ferguson withstood court challenges in many jurisdictions including United States, Europe and Australia.

Spruson & Ferguson (Australia) employs over 30 qualified patent attorneys with extensive academic and/or industry experience in diverse technical backgrounds:

  • Chemical / Life Sciences team members include specialists in organic and inorganic chemistry; polymer chemistry; molecular biology; immunology; biochemistry; pharmaceuticals; genetics; microbiology; nanotechnology; stem cell technology; diagnostics; clean technologies; chemical engineering.
  • Engineering / ICT team members specialise in information technology; telecommunications; electrical engineering software; multimedia; photonics; business methods; mechanical; aeronautical and mechatronic engineering; automotive; aerospace; mining; and military technologies.


Our patent professionals use their technical expertise and patent drafting experience to  prepare a high-quality patent application for an invention.

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