IP Litigation & Disputes


Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers was the first law firm in Australia to specialise exclusively in IP law and has a depth of experience in IP litigation that is unparalleled in Australia.

Our association with Spruson & Ferguson Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys gives us immediate access to specialised scientific and technical expertise, providing our clients with integrated solutions in the management and protection of their IP rights. This resource has proved particularly useful in the many complex patent cases we have conducted in the Federal Court.

Our Litigation Services

Intellectual property is a significant asset in business and our aim is to achieve the best possible commercial result for our clients. In litigious matters, this could mean adopting a robust and aggressive style or, alternatively, a conciliatory stance to achieve a commercially desirable settlement.

Our litigation work includes court proceedings to restrain and/or defend actions for:

  • the infringement of trade marks, copyrights, domain names, patents or designs
  • breaches of Parts IV and V of the Trade Practices Act 1974 such as misleading or deceptive conduct where others have adopted similar trade marks, products, or packaging
  • breaches of confidence or disclosure of trade secrets
  • challenging the validity of monopoly rights to enable clients to manufacture and sell products or use trade marks that they would otherwise be prevented from selling or using


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