Commercial Transactions & Advice


Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers provide intellectual property and commercialisation advice to some of Australia’s foremost innovative technology companies and research institutions, as well as to Australian Government agencies.

The Commercial Transactions and Advice team helps clients to optimise the management of their IP portfolios, manage risks and to extract maximum commercial returns from their R&D investment through thoughtful and strategic structured licensing, R&D collaboration and other commercial transactions.

The experience and expertise of the Commercial Transactions and Advice team extends beyond legal analysis and contract drafting. Our Principals and professional staff have in-house business management and IP management experience, and are frequently called on to lead commercial negotiations and to provide practical and proactive assistance to clients to help them achieve optimum commercial outcomes.

At Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers we pride ourselves on providing practical, commercially relevant and executable advice based on a shared understanding of our clients’ commercial goals and needs.

The Commercial Transactions and Advice team led the Spruson & Ferguson team selected in a competitive tender by the Attorney-General’s Department to develop the “IP Manual for Australian Government Agencies” for use by all Commonwealth departments and agencies.

The Commercial Transactions and Advice team has also worked closely with the Engineering / ICT team to develop an intellectual property manual “Intellectual Property Management: A Practical Guide for the Electrical and Electronics Related Industries” created as an initiative of the Electronics Industry Agenda.

Our Commercialisation Services

Our clients pursue a variety of commercialisation strategies to achieve the most from their innovations. This is reflected in the range of advisory and transaction services we provide, which include:

  • structuring, negotiating and drafting agreements relating to R&D, franchising, licensing, joint ventures, sales and distribution
  • advice on developing strategies and processes to optimise creation, management, protection and exploitation of IP
  • formation of start-up and spin-off companies
  • facilitating relationships between start-up companies and investors
  • advice on investment readiness for high-technology companies
  • advice on the regulation of technology products
  • performing due diligence and IP audit services


In association with the broader expertise available within Spruson & Ferguson, we have assisted clients to optimise their management of IP by ensuring frameworks are in place to:

  • identify new IP as early as possible align IP strategy and R&D planning with corporate objectives
  • assess the potential for IP protection and, where relevant, to avoid potential obstacles that might be posed by third party rights train and educate staff to be aware of the importance of IP in the further development and commercialisation of their research.


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