ShooAway: Death to the Aussie Salute!


How a great idea takes shape
The Aussie salute is an unwelcome ritual at any barbecue. There is nothing worse than standing around with a beer in one hand, and waving your other hand in front of your face to shoo away flies. You simply run out of hands to hold your lamb chop!

ShooAway was developed by a band of barbeque enthusiasts that had simply had enough of their beautifully prepared food being bombarded by pesky flies. On that day, they took a stand to eradicate the Aussie salute from backyards not only across Australia, but around the world.

A simple yet effective solution
ShooAway is a tabletop propeller. Reflective material on the blades repels flies and other insects. The simplicity and effectiveness of the device is outstanding, making any picnic table a definite no-go zone for insects. There is simply no longer a need for messy and toxic aerosol repellents.

The success of the product has been phenomenal and continues to grow. ShooAway is now widely available around Australia throughout major retailers including BBQs Galore and ALDI. It will also soon  be available throughout Europe through ALDI stores.

The Message
A patent is in place to protect the original ShooAway product. Like all great inventions, ShooAway is being improved and will evolve to even greater heights in the near future. Stayed tuned.

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