Kingdom Playroom’s innovative table design appeals to parents seeking a creative and mess free solution during COVID-19 lockdown


In recognition of World Children’s Day, Spruson & Ferguson is pleased to showcase our Australian client, Kingdom Playroom, who have recently patented a multi-use suitcase play table. Kingdom Playroom is the brainchild of New South Wales resident Jenny Chen who wanted to provide children with creative freedom. “Since launching pre-orders in October, the play table has garnered interests from more than 3,000 mums across the US, UK and Australia. Many have expressed that it is the perfect at-home equipment they needed for sensory play, particularly for children who have been unable to attend their sensory therapy sessions during lockdown in various parts of the world,” says Jenny.

Play time is an important activity for developing a child’s brain, and creativity is key. Providing an environment where a child can be creative, engage their imagination and activate all their senses as they age fosters a love of learning. Toys and play items that can be used in many different ways allow children to have creative freedom.

Intellectual property and in particular patents, registered designs and trade marks, have been protecting innovative children’s products and the companies behind them for generations. Two well-known examples are the original Barbie doll which was patented in 1961 (USP3,009,284) and the Monopoly board game which was patented in 1935 (USP2,026,082).

The Kingdom Playroom table starts as a suitcase no bigger than a standard aircraft cabin bag. The suitcase folds out to provide two play surfaces elevated from ground level. The play surfaces include chambers to hold the legs when stowed as a bag. When in the play configuration, the chambers can hold toys, craft supplies and other children’s play items. The play table features easy wipe surfaces and raised grids adapted to attach most known brick style toys. The suitcase play table is also designed for sensory activities with water, sand, mud and the like locatable in the chambers and easily cleaned off after use.

The play table suitcase keeps the mess off the ground, maximises play space, and creates a dedicated creative zone for toddlers and pre-schoolers. We believe Kingdom Playroom has a bright future ahead and we congratulate Jenny on her success to date.

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