Vivian Cheng Wei

Dr. Vivian Cheng Wei

Patents: Chemical & Life Science
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Prior to joining Spruson & Ferguson (Asia), Vivian worked as a manager in the Intellectual Property Management Division of Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd, where she managed and reported on A*STAR’s patent portfolio, including evaluation of technology disclosures, prosecution of patent applications, and maintenance of granted patents. Vivian also previously worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology where she was involved in several projects on macromolecular anticancer therapeutics, antifouling contact lens coatings, antimicrobial polymers as additives for consumer care products, and so on. Her research work has resulted in a number of publications in top peer-reviewed journals and several patents. Vivian specializes in biomaterials, molecular biology, immunology, and nanotechnology.

Vivian graduated with first class honours with a Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences) from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore. She then pursued her postgraduate education in Imperial College London, UK under A*STAR-Imperial Partnership PhD Scholarship, where she was awarded a PhD for her thesis on polymeric delivery of a Granzyme B inhibitor gene to protect against cytotoxic lymphocyte killing. During her candidature, she presented her work regularly at a number of conferences in the USA and Europe. In addition, Vivian holds a Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law (Distinction) and won the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (Singapore Group) Prize.

Vivian qualified as a Singapore Patent Attorney in 2020. She was awarded two book prizes by the Association of Singapore Patent Attorneys (ASPA) as the top scorer of Paper A (Preparation of a Patent Specification) and Paper D (Knowledge of Patent Law and Patent Practice in Singapore) in the Patent Agents Qualifying Examinations.

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