Tang LayYin

Dr. Tang Lay Yin

Patent Scientist
Patents: Life Science
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Lay Yin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology with First Class Honours. She also holds an MSc in Science for Bioresources and a PhD in Agriculture (Plant Genetics and Physiology) from Okayama University, Japan.

Lay Yin has previously worked in an industrial R&D institution on the development and application of plant genetic markers for gene mapping and marker-assisted selection. Prior to joining the firm, Lay Yin was a Research Fellow at the University of Calgary and Nanyang Technological University where she worked on gene characterization and plant immune response to pathogens. Her research work has resulted in a number of publications in top peer-reviewed journals in the field of plant science. Lay Yin specializes in genetics, molecular biology, genetic engineering and plant transformation technologies.

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