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Patents: Chemical & Life Science
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Kurt completed a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Molecular Biology and Innovation Management, Hons IA) at the University of Queensland. He then completed a PhD in Biochemistry, with a primary focus on engineering cytochrome P450 and the cytochrome P450 reductase enzymes for biotechnological applications, using the novel approach of ancestral sequence reconstruction. His research project encompassed the characterisation of CYP1 and CYP4 ancestral enzymes in terms of expression, stability, biocatalytic activity, evolutionary analysis, and structural characterisation including crystallisation. During this time he undertook a short research internship at CSIRO Canberra, as the recipient of a CSIRO Synthetic Biology Future Science Postgraduate Top Up Scholarship. He was also one of two 2018 recipients of the M.G. & R.A. Plowman Scholarship in Inorganic Chemistry, which allowed him to undertake a short internship in protein crystallography at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, culminating in the resolution and publication of the first crystal structure of an ancestral cytochrome P450 enzyme. 

Kurt is currently studying to become a registered Australian and New Zealand Patent Attorney.

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