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Brett Nelson is a principal in Spruson’s Brisbane office after a twenty plus year career in the United Stated. Brett was instrumental in building his prior firm’s chemical and life sciences group, as well as its Asia practice, and is often invited to speak on IP topics in the United States and China. Mr Nelson helps clients – from start-ups to large corporations – develop comprehensive IP strategies and advises on a variety of IP matters.

Mr Nelson has earned a reputation as the go-to person for shepherding difficult patent applications through the US Patent Office and has been instrumental in a number of his clients gaining allowance of key foundational patents within their technology areas.  Brett’s time as in-house counsel at a multinational chemical company enabled him to expand his practice into the area of IP transactions and he has provided support for several mergers and acquisitions. In addition, he worked at the USPTO as a complex biotech patent examiner and as a research associate developing novel conjugate vaccine platforms for a small biotech start-up.

Brett has been recognised as an IAM 300 World’s Leading IP Strategists for 2015-2021 and listed on IAM 1000 for 2013-2022.

Brett has been instrumental in helping us design our patent strategy, leverage existing patents and build a strong intellectual portfolio. Brett has a strong vision on when to secure new patents versus keeping critical elements as ‘trade secrets’ and his advice on these matters has been invaluable. Brett understands the details of our highly technical inventions, as well as our industry from a global perspective. Brett is always fully committed to the long-term best interest of my company. In this spirit, Brett has a special talent among IP lawyer professionals, he possesses a unique ability to see beyond the basic legal aspects of our patent needs by weaving IP into the fabric of our corporate mission. Brett’s expertise has been critical in guiding my understanding of the strategic nature of our corporate intellectual property assets. He adds tremendous value by teaching me and our in-house legal staff the breadth and depth and connections of our old IP, new our IP and helps us define targets for future IP. Brett empowers our organization to capture the true value of our IP portfolio. It is without pause that I consider Brett a world leader in this domain.

Robert Bogden CEO & Co-Founder at Hexamer Therapeutics, Inc.

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