Asare Boateng

Asare Boateng

Patent Attorney
Patents: Engineering
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Asare Boateng holds a Master of Intellectual Property and Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering. His Honours thesis investigated the past and current state of the manufacturing industry in Australia. This allowed him to engage large Australian manufacturers and understand the challenges the industry faces in the current globalised climate. As part of his degree, Asare also attended one of China’s most prestigious universities, Peking University in Beijing.

Prior to joining Spruson & Ferguson in 2017, Asare gained engineering experience at an ATM manufacturer and at a major elevator company. He has also worked on engineering projects designing trucking components, air conditioning systems, conveyor systems, pneumatic pumps and train bogies; and has practical experience with lathes, milling machines, drilling and metalwork. His extensive practical experience together with his thesis has allowed him to develop an in-depth understanding of modern manufacturing.

Asare works in Spruson & Ferguson’s engineering and designs teams.

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