Spruson & Ferguson receives multiple rankings in IAM Patent 1000 – 2020 Edition


We are pleased to announce that Spruson & Ferguson has been recognised in the 2020 edition of the IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patents Professionals for several countries across the Asia Pacific. Australia and Singapore are both ranked highly for Patent Prosecution, while China, Hong Kong and Thailand are recommended. Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers, our boutique IP law firm in Australia, is also recognised in the ranking for Patent Litigation.

Quotes and client feedback on our service and team as featured in IAM Patent 1000


Spruson & Ferguson has evolved from an Australasian IP firm into an Asian IP giant that operates four offices in Australia and six across Asia-Pacific. In Australia, it garners the most respect for representing foreign clients filing in the country. “Spruson & Ferguson is a well-oiled machine with an incredibly robust inbound practice and is valued especially highly by foreign clients for its efficiency and effectiveness in tackling patent applications.” Engineering and ICT leader for Australia Adam Luxton readily applies his diverse technical toolkit encompassing mining engineering and software engineering on patent prosecution and contentious matters. Simon Potter is Luxton’s counterpart for chemistry and life sciences; he is an authority on HIV antiretroviral drug resistance. Having litigated a wide variety of IP cases, Khajaque Kortian quickly grasps complex technical issues and commercial contexts, making him an immensely versatile litigator.

IAM Patent 1000 – 2020 Edition – Australia


“Spruson & Ferguson is a unique firm that thinks globally about IP matters and how things can affect local IP issues. Armed with a great breadth of experience, its dual-qualified Singapore and US, European or Australian IP attorneys can apply their international experience to the Singapore stage and help clients to build an effective IP strategy. They are a great team and I can sleep soundly knowing that they are handling our IP matters in the region.” With Kristian Robinson keeping a watchful eye over a growing group of more than 30 patent professionals, the patent firm clinched the top position with the highest number of patents and Patent Cooperation Treaty applications filed in Singapore in 2018. Alongside European patent attorney Maik Brinkmann, IAM Patent 1000 newcomer and PhD holder in enzymology Soo Ee Lin is “the best for biotech and pharma patent prosecution matters in Singapore”.

IAM Patent 1000 – 2020 Edition – Singapore


Spruson & Ferguson provides Western-style patent filing and strategy services in China via eight highly qualified patent professionals and exclusive alliance partner Beijing Pat SF Intellectual Property Agency. With a team on the ground and a thorough understanding of Chinese legal developments and the country’s patent landscape, the Australian patent prosecution powerhouse is on hand to respond to clients’ problems. Life sciences expert Oliver Lutze runs the Beijing office. “An excellent choice for IP protection in China, Oliver is a competent and reliable colleague who has always been very familiar with the latest developments in patent law in a wide variety of countries”.

IAM Patent 1000 – 2020 Edition – China (Foreign)

Hong Kong

Asia-Pacific patent prosecution powerhouse Spruson & Ferguson “lives up to its name” in Hong Kong, as it does across the region. “I absolutely trust them – they have a strong sense of absolute professionalism, honour, empathy and sensitivity for the client.” Five patent professionals – all of them highly educated and two with PhDs – are always on call to give solid advice on patent drafting and filing through proactive communication”, without overwhelming the layperson with legalese. 

IAM Patent 1000 – 2020 Edition – Hong Kong


Australian and Asian IP behemoth Spruson & Ferguson’s Thai office serves the patent needs of several big-name international electronics and information and communications technology (ICT) companies, including conducting original patent drafting and applications. 

IAM Patent 1000 – 2020 Edition – Thailand

Ranked Individuals

A number of Spruson & Ferguson practitioners have also been individually ranked and recognised in the ranking.

Patent Prosecution

  • Australia – Simon Potter, Adam Luxton
  • China – Oliver Lutze 
  • Hong Kong – Robert Jackson
  • Singapore – Kristian Robinson, Maik Brinkmann, Soo Ee Lin

Patent Litigation

  • Australia – Khajaque Kortian

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