Femtech: innovating for women’s health


The rising consciousness of women’s health is accelerating female-focused innovation and investment. With many established companies already creating waves in the Femtech space, the untapped potential for innovation is huge. Spanning all areas that affect a woman’s physical and emotional well-being, Femtech start-ups are thinking big about IP.

Unravelling the issues surrounding the right mix of protective mechanisms to enable safe manufacturing and scalability is what Principal Allira Hudson-Gofers knows a lot about.

With a background in biomedical engineering and mechatronics – an approach to creating simpler, smarter systems, Allira touches on recent technological advances and the data loops that could potentially change how women’s health is tracked and monitored. And a whole lot of industries are showing up. This overview provides specific information to help you formulate your Femtech IP journey towards profitability.

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