26 September, 2017

New gTLD Sunrise Availability October – November 2017

New gTLD Sunrise Availability October – November 2017

Generic top-level domains (gTLD) such as .com, .net and .org typically cycle through a “Sunrise Period” prior to becoming available to the general public.

The Sunrise Period allows trade mark owners an advanced opportunity to register domain names that correspond with their trade mark registrations prior to the public launch of the gTLD. A gTLD entering into or cycling through a Sunrise Period in October and November 2017 includes the Extension ".radio". The Order Entry Deadline is 27 October 2017.

While this gTLD  may not appear to be of direct interest, trade mark owners may wish to consider applying to register “defensive” domain name registrations in an effort to protect their trade marks from misuse in this domain name space.

For more information on pre-ordering gTLDs in a Sunrise Period or general information on registering domain names, please contact Khajaque Kortian, Principal.

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