Food & Beverages


Food & Beverage

Food & beverage producers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, including supermarkets, are acutely aware of the competitive nature of this sector and the need to constantly innovate across their supply chains and product ranges, as well as reduce their cost margins, in order to keep up with consumer demand.

Our patent attorneys have extensive experience filing and prosecuting food and beverage related patents, including dairy, milk and milk-solids, yeast, wheat and grains, fats, oils and lipids, natural and artificial sweeteners, proteins and amino acids as well as patent technologies relating to food and beverage preparation, storage and packaging.

The trade marks team of Spruson & Ferguson has been providing expert representation to some of the world’s oldest and most innovative food and beverage brands, providing advice and services relating to food labelling, packaging, marketing and product development, brand creation, trade mark registration and protection, trade mark infringement proceedings, searching, clearances, watching services and renewals.


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