11 October, 2016

Indonesia Update: Boxing Match

Indonesia Update: Boxing Match

Daya Citra Mandiri is an authorised reseller of Apple products that operates a series of stores across Indonesia.  It operates its stores under the trade mark ‘i box’.  Multicom Persada International sued for trade mark infringement based on its prior registration (IDM 000255053) for the mark ‘i box’ that covers Class 9 electronics goods.

The respective trade marks are shown below.

 ibox  ibox2
Class 9: Electronics goods Class 35: Retail services

The Indonesian Supreme Court recently found that there was no infringement arising as a result of the use of the Daya Citra trade mark on the basis that the trade marks are visually different and are in differing classes.

This article is an extract from Spruson & Ferguson’s Asia-Pacific Regional Trade Mark Update. You can view the entire summary here.


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