Edward Quinn

Patent Attorney Engineering & ICT Team

Edward is an experienced Mechanical Engineer with knowledge derived from varied projects in construction, transport and sustainability, in Australia and overseas.

Edward graduated in 2011 from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka in India with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. During this time he developed, as part of a research project, a product to prevent keyboard-related repetitive strain injuries. He also holds a Masters of Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology. At QUT, Edward conducted research into the adsorption properties of artificial and natural zeolites in Australia and their use in adsorption chillers.

After graduation, Edward worked in Dubai as a Mechanical Engineer at BESIX, Belgium’s largest construction firm. He was part of the team for the $800m Dubai Tramway System project. In Australia, he has worked on a number of varied engineering projects, including designing HVAC systems for a Brisbane engineering firm, and assessing energy performance of buildings for Certis Energy.

Edward’s experience across varied projects has given him the skills to quickly analyse and understand complex engineering solutions, the problems that they solve and their commercial possibilities. Throughout his career he has sought to bring innovative thinking to improving existing approaches and he deploys this attitude in supporting the process of intellectual property protection for our clients.

  • Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) - National Institute of Technology Karnataka India

  • Master of Engineering (Mechanical) - Queensland University of Technology

  • Master of Intellectual Property - The University of Technology Sydney

  • Registered Australian and New Zealand Patent Attorney

  • Registered Australian Trade Mark Attorney

  • Institution of Engineers Australia

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