Dr. Serena Wang

Patent Scientist Chemical / Life Sciences Team

Dr. Serena Wang obtained a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), graduating
with Distinction, from Zhejiang University, China. She also holds a PhD
in Biology (Nuclear Mechanobiology and Genome Regulation) from the
National University of Singapore.

During her PhD, Serena established the functional coupling between 3D
chromosome architecture and genome regulation using bioinformatics
and quantitative high-resolution imaging approaches. In addition, she
developed a platform for visualizing DNA-protein interaction using
Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

After graduation, and prior to joining Spruson & Ferguson, Serena
continued as a researcher working on cell reprogramming. Her research
has resulted in a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals, book
chapters and review articles. She has also presented her research at
several international conferences held in the US, Europe, and Singapore.

With a wide exposure to science and technology, Serena specializes in
chemistry, genetics, biophysics and bio-imaging.

  • PhD (Bioengineering) - National University of Singapore

  • BSc (Chemistry) - Zhejiang University China

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