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Capital: Alofi

Population: 1,611 (est. 2011)

Languages: Polynesian, English

Area: 260 km2

Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Legal System: English and New Zealand common laws; customary laws

Protection of IP Rights in Niue


Patent protection in New Zealand extends to Niue.

Trade Marks

A New Zealand trade mark registration under the 1953 Act previously extended coverage to Niue. However, this Act was repealed and the new 2002 Act does not extend this same coverage.

It is possible to claim and assert rights in a trade mark in Niue; that being through common law and is based on use of the mark and public awareness of the mark and the goods/services which it covers.

Genuine use of the trade mark within the jurisdiction is one of the most effective ways to protect trade mark rights in Niue. The other most effective strategy is the publication of a cautionary notice in a local newspaper.

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