Apple v Samsung


There has been much talk in the media recently surrounding the intellectual property related dispute between technology giants Apple and Samsung.  In the dispute, both sides are alleging that the other is infringing numerous pieces of IP, and legal proceedings have been commenced in several countries around the world.

In an interesting turn of events, the dispute seems to have spilled out of the legal arena and onto the streets of Sydney this week.  In a move apparently timed to coincide with Apple’s release of its new iPhone 4S smartphone, Samsung has set up a temporary “pop-up” shop just metres away from the Apple Store on Sydney’s George Street.  On top of this, and to further draw attention and customers away from Apple and the iPhone 4S launch, Samsung has offered the first 10 people in line each morning the option to buy their current flagship model smartphone, the Galaxy SII, for a mere $2.

Whilst this distraction may continue to draw attention away from the ongoing legal dispute, nevertheless Federal Court Justice Annabelle Bennett is expected to deliver her judgement this week on whether Samsung should be temporarily barred from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer in Australia on the grounds that it infringes IP rights held by Apple in relation to its competing iPad product.

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