Ayesha Lee

Principal / Patent Attorney Engineering & ICT Team

Ayesha holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Honours from University College Cork, Ireland.

She joined Spruson & Ferguson from EP&T Global where she held a position as a Sustainability Engineer. Prior to this Ayesha spent two years as a digital IC design engineer at Ceva DSP Ireland working on SATA (Serial ATA) storage solutions. She also spent four years as a digital design engineer for Motorola SPS (later to become Freescale Semiconductor) working on SOCs for GSM and GPRS applications.

Ayesha is a registered Australian Patent Attorney, Australian Trade Mark Attorney and New Zealand Patent Attorney. In her role she works with both local and international clients prosecuting patent and design applications in Australian and New Zealand. Additionally, Ayesha assists her clients in pursuing patent and design protection in jurisdictions such as the US, Japan and Europe. Her experience includes drafting and prosecuting patent applications across a broad range of fields including software and computing, telecommunications, image and data processing systems and medical technologies.