27 May, 2016

Australian Trade Marks Office Decisions Summary - March 2016

Australian Trade Marks Office Decisions Summary - March 2016

Our summary of recent Australian Trade Marks Office decisions is designed to provide practitioners and brand owners with a succinct, accessible database detailing current trends in Australian trade marks practice.

Big Screen Video Pty Ltd v Pyramid Circle Holdings Pty Ltd t/a LED Sign Supply [2016] ATMO 16 (4 March 2016)

My Screen is Bigger than yours
Prior use of similar trade mark not enough to prevent registration.
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The University of Sydney v The University of Wollongong [2016] ATMO 17 (4 March 2016)

A Scholarly Dispute
SYDNEY BUSINESS SCHOOL not registrable as a trade mark.
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Platinum Logistics Pty Ltd v Platinum Freight Management Pty Ltd [2016] ATMO 18 (23 March 2016)

PLATINUM, a Common Element
Prior marks that include ‘PLATINUM’ for same services not enough to prevent registration of PLATINUM LOGISTICS.
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Karen Lee [2016] ATMO 19 (24 March 2016)

It HAS Similarities
HAS refused based on HAS SOLUTIONS mark.
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Pink energy Beverages Pty Ltd v Mr. Pink Collections, LLC. [2016] ATMO 20 (24 March 2016)

MR PINK sees red
Trade mark for MR PINK refused registration based on earlier ‘PINK’ marks.
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Skyy Spirits, LLC v Blue Sky Brewery Holdings Pty Ltd [2016] ATMO 21 (31 March 2016)

What colour is the SKKY
BLUE SKY trade mark likely to be confused with SKKY BLUE.
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