16 October, 2015

Australian Trade Mark Office Decisions Summary - August 2015

Australian Trade Mark Office Decisions Summary - August 2015

Each month we produce a summary of the Australian Trade Mark Office decisions to provide practitioners and brand owners with a succinct, accessible database detailing current trends in Australian trade marks practice.


Pacific Magazines Pty Limited v Bauer Consumer Media Limited [2015] ATMO 69

Recipe for Disaster
TEST KITCHEN not sufficiently distinctive (s 41).
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Barossa Valley Estate Pty Ltd v Australian Vintage Limited [2015] ATMO 70

That Wine is from Where?!
Trade marks sharing ‘BAROSSA VALLEY’ not too similar (s 44 and 60).
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Guccio Gucci SpA v Guess?, Inc [2015] ATMO 71

All G for the OG’s GG
Gucci prevent Guess from registering GG device (s 60).
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Richemont International SA v Cabot Company Limited [2015] ATMO 72

I-C the Difference.
IWC and CWC not too similar for watches (s 44).
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Campbell Soup Company v Heinz Company Australia Limited [2015] ATMO 73

Use Du Jour
SOUP OF THE DAY not distinctive and use not enough (s 41).
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Arche SAS v Daniel Bartholomew Jones [2015] ATMO 75

ARCHE and ARCHIES not too similar (s 44 and 60).
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DC Comics v Joel Beling [2015] ATMO 76

A bird, a plane, a frivolous opposition!?
Application for award of costs denied (r 21.12).
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Parfums Christian Dior v Hyper Ideas Pty Ltd [2015] ATMO 77

Dior unable to prevent registration of J’ADORE RAW (s 60).
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Sport Direct Holding BV v Reece Pty Ltd [2015] ATMO 78

Not Good for the Plumbing.
Promotional ‘use’ not enough to defeat non-use (s 96).
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The Dingoes Refrain Pty Ltd v Cotton On Foundation Limited [2015] ATMO 79

RUNning out of Time.
Extension of time to file evidence denied (r 5.15).
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