Qantas Airways Limited v Luke Edwards [2014] ATMO 40


Qantas Airways Limited opposed an application by Mr Luke Edwards for the trade mark in relation to clothing in Class 25:

The opponent is the owner of a plethora of prior trade marks that include the silhouetted image of a flying (or hoping) kangaroo. Of these, the opponent submitted that the trade mark was substantially identical to the applied for mark.

The Hearing Officer did not agree and noted that a side-by-side comparison revealed a number of ‘significant differences’ between the two marks.

On the matter of deceptive similarity the Hearing Officer noted the many examples provided by the applicant of various traders using the silhouetted image of a kangaroo in relation to clothing. Accordingly, the Hearing Officer found it appropriate to discount, to a large extent, this element of the trade marks and focus on the differences.

Following this logic, the Hearing Officer found ‘it difficult to accept the Opponent’s contention that the quite different background shapes in each mark are for some reason not significant when the marks are compared as wholes’. The Hearing Officer came to the view that the overall impression created by both trade marks was not one of deceptive similarity.

This logic was also followed in relation to the consideration under section 60, where the Hearing Officer was again not satisfied, largely on the basis of other traders using silhouetted kangaroos, that there was a sufficient likelihood of deception or confusion arising.

The opposition failed and the application will proceed to registration.

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