Wu Zhexuan

Patent Scientist Chemical / Life Sciences Team

Prior to joining Spruson & Ferguson, Zhexuan was a process engineer at a local chemical company. During his time there, Zhexuan was responsible for all aspects of production. His roles included management of external engineering projects with clients from various industries, providing product safety and technical handling knowledge, process design and equipment configuration, commissioning of new production units, application of new technologies and process safety analysis.

Zhexuan was also an intern at a US specialty chemical multi-national corporation on Jurong Island. He was part of the process engineering department looking after the manufacturing process of lubricant detergent additives. Part of his work involved conducting economic feasibility studies for the justification of engineering projects as well as developing solutions to assist the team in the identification of production bottlenecks.

Zhexuan graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) (Hons) from the National University of Singapore. During his Honours year, he worked on a final year project where he researched separation process technologies for isopropyl alcohols, which includes analysis, simulations and comparisons of the energy saving benefits between conventional and unconventional methods.