06 April, 2018

Cullens joins the Spruson & Ferguson business

Cullens joins the Spruson & Ferguson business

SF_Cullens_logo_LargerAs previously announced, Cullens is merging with Australian IP firm Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans and Asia-Pacific IP firm Spruson & Ferguson to form one combined firm operating under the Spruson & Ferguson brand.

From 9 April 2018, Cullens is pleased to operate as part of the broader Spruson & Ferguson business, and we will be co-branded under the Spruson & Ferguson brand for the duration of the integration period (expected to be completed in July 2018).

The Cullens team now operates as part of the broader Spruson & Ferguson team. We will continue to work with our clients as we always have, with the same people, delivering the same high quality services they expect, however, now also able to offer access to an expanded team in Australia and an enhanced top-tier IP service across the Asia-Pacific region.

The merger integration is expected to be completed in July 2018 and we will communicate further with our clients as to any changes. Over the coming months we will also be progressively integrating the Cullens website into the Spruson & Ferguson website, however, for now, you can find your usual Cullens contacts here and contact details for the Cullens offices can be found here.

Please note that the Cullens’ bank, company and location details do not change until July 2018.


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