Spruson & Ferguson, Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans and Cullens have merged and now offer direct IP services across the Asia-Pacific

Combined Expertise: Our Team of IP Attorneys in Brisbane

Spruson & Ferguson is the only Brisbane specialist IP firm with a true Asia-Pacific capability. We offer direct intellectual property services from our Brisbane office, following our merger with respected Brisbane intellectual property firms Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans and Cullens.

Please reach out to our Brisbane team for more information or assistance with your IP needs at mail.au@spruson.com

As the only IP firm in Brisbane with an extensive network of IP experts in the Asia-Pacific, we combine an expert local team and knowledge with a global reach. With our convenient Brisbane CBD office, our clients benefit from the attentive service and in-depth local knowledge of a Brisbane intellectual property attorney, combined with the powerful expertise of an Asia-Pacific IP firm. This unique combination means we are highly qualified to help you to protect your intellectual property overseas, and can also provide thorough, high-quality advice regarding Australian IP protection and the Queensland market.

Our Brisbane IP experts are part of a broader team of 400+ Spruson & Ferguson staff working across the Asia-Pacific region. Our presence across the region ensures we are well-equipped to deliver the highest quality service to our Brisbane clients. Our strong local knowledge coupled with extensive IP expertise, helps us to develop high quality IP strategies, which support your business strategy and maximise the protection of your IP assets in the most cost-effective manner.

Specialist Brisbane Intellectual Property Attorneys

Spruson & Ferguson provides direct patent, trade mark and design services. Our award-winning Brisbane team of intellectual property (IP) experts provide a comprehensive range of services for the protection, commercialisation, enforcement and management of all forms of intellectual property, including patent and trade mark protection and design registrations both in Australia and overseas.

Selecting Your Patent Attorney in Brisbane

Are you a Brisbane entrepreneur or business, looking to protect your big idea?

In addition to protecting your business’s unique intellectual property from competitors, a patent (or patent pending) can be an effective marketing tool and attract investors. As one of Australia’s leading patent attorney firms, Spruson & Ferguson can provide expert advice on the patentability of your invention and can help protect your patent in Australia and overseas. Our advantage is our direct presence in both Brisbane and throughout Asia-Pacific, with Spruson & Ferguson offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney.

Choosing A Leading Trade Mark Attorney in Brisbane

Spruson & Ferguson’s team of trade mark attorneys in Brisbane know the importance of trade marks to our clients’ commercial success. We combine in-depth trade marks expertise with practical advice to support our clients’ business strategies. Engaging us as your Brisbane trade mark attorney means we can advise on all aspects of the trade mark lifecycle, including brand creation, registering a trade mark in Australia and internationally, filing, all aspects of trade mark prosecution, defending actions for removal and monitoring correct trade mark usage.

Our highly qualified trade mark attorneys in Brisbane manage the trade mark portfolios of many clients in Queensland, across Australia and overseas. They work with Spruson & Ferguson’s wider trade marks team to provide a comprehensive trade mark protection service across the Asia-Pacific region. Together, we file more than 5000 trade mark applications across this region each year.

Registering and Protecting A Design in Brisbane

Registering your design can be a powerful tool to protect your business against unauthorised copying. Once registered, your registered design can be a valuable commercial asset – you have the exclusive right to use, license or sell your design. As leading IP attorneys in Brisbane, Spruson & Ferguson have worked extensively with Brisbane and Queensland clients to obtain and enforce registered design protection locally and overseas.

Working With Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys in Brisbane: Why Choose Us

As the leading specialist IP firm in Brisbane, we offer high-quality IP services with a commercial focus. Our clients range from entrepreneurial and emerging growth businesses to Fortune 500 companies and public sector research organisations across all industries in Queensland, Australia and internationally.

Our experienced and highly qualified patent attorneys offer services and expert advice in the fields of chemistry, nanochemistry, pharmaceuticals, all engineering disciplines – electrical and electronics, building and construction, process and manufacturing, biotechnology, food technology, medical technology, nanotechnology, as well as physics, electronics and telecommunications.

Our trade mark attorneys offer the full scope of trade mark services, including advice on brand creation, how to register a trade mark in Australia and overseas, filing and all aspects of prosecution of trade mark applications, defending actions for removal and the monitoring of correct trade mark usage.

Get in touch with our local team of IP experts today. We would be delighted to assist you with the protection of your intellectual property.

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